It has been an eventful week for Manchester United fans, having seen on our club declare they plan to join the European Super League, make a u-turn following outrage from the fans and notable figures, Ed Woodward resigned, and now thousands of supporters have gone to Old Trafford to protest against the Glazers.

Joel Glazer’s letter of apology did little to reduce the anger of our fans which has been bubbling under the service since the last large scale protests in 2010.

The decision of the “big 6” to join ESL has become the catalysts for protests across the country with football fans voicing their frustration over owners who made a decision to line their pockets, instead of something that was in the best interest of the club.

A journalist working for The Mirror approached Avram Glazer yesterday and asked him if the family planned to sell United. He replied: “no comment”. I guess this is better than a flat out “no” and gives hope that we may get our club back.

Earlier in the week, a group of United fans got in to the training ground and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer came to speak to them. “I will always listen to the fans and I thought it was the only right thing was to go and listen to them and speak with them and have a nice discussion with them,” Solskjaer reflected. “A peaceful discussion. It’s important that we respect each other and each other’s views. I said a few things what I think will do in the future. What we spoke about, I don’t really need to discuss that but it was a good 10 minutes. I was happy with that, of course. We didn’t shake hands, we gave a fist bump and we parted.”

The next protest for United fans will be on May 2nd ahead of our game against Liverpool. We will meet at 2pm outside the ground with the aim of putting pressure on the Glazers to agree to a 50% + 1 ownership model, as seen in the Bundesliga. You can sign a petition which will be debated in parliament when it reaches 100,000 signatures.