Manchester United supporters have announced plans to begin the anti-Glazer protests again ahead of Saturday’s game against Norwich. The peak of these protests occurred back in 2010, when every week the ground was filled with green and gold scarves in honour of the colours of Newton Heath, anti-Glazer chants sung regularly and protests taking place before kick-off.

After making so little progress, the efforts slowly petered out, and only came back with any real force towards the end of last season when a break in to the stadium forced the league to call off our game against Liverpool.

The Glazers initially seemed to panic and decided, for the first time, to actively engage with fans. Joel Glazer announced a fans share scheme would be introduced but almost a year later nothing has happened.

A supporters group, known as The 1958, have announced plans for supporters to meet at The Tollgate pub from 11am before making their way to the ground at 2pm. They have also asked for fans who are attending the game to boycott the first 17 minutes, representing the number of years since the Glazers plunged our club in to massive debt to become owners.