A couple of weeks ago, Ryan Giggs was presented with an honoury degree from Salford University for his contribution to sport and charitable causes.

“I’m really pleased to accept this degree,” he said. “When I started my career as a professional footballer I didn’t envisage that one day I’d be made master of arts. I grew up in Salford and it’s been a big part of my life forRyan Giggs degree Salford University 30 years, so it’s great to be a part of Salford University now.”

Not wanting to be outdone, Liverpool John Moores University have awarded Steven Gerrard with a degree for his contribution to sport.

“Not only has the university done so much for the city and people of Liverpool but it has given the science of football international credibility,” said Gerrard. “It is an honour to be recognised with this award.”

Just how far does Gerrard have to go to catch up with Giggsy? Aged 28-years-old, time is certainly running out for poor ol Stevie Me.

Ryan Giggs

Some honorary degree from local uni: 1
European Cup: 2
League Title: 10
FA Cup: 4
League Cup: 2

Steven Gerrard

Some honorary degree from local uni: 1
European Cup: 1
League Title: 0
FA Cup: 2
League Cup: 2