Manchester United mania is a very real thing. World over football aficionados accept it as a fact and have witnessed it for themselves in one form or the other. One of the most popular football clubs in the world, Manchester United fans are everywhere.

And when it comes to live betting on sports this team always enjoys a huge range of odds that are made available from a wide set of portals. Outright odds too are greatly popular among the betting community and one can easily bet on the team for a tournament for one complete season.

Over the years the team has won enough games and international tournaments to be termed as hot favourites in any kind of a situation. Diehard fans of the team swear by it no matter what when it comes to games, but betting is a thing more of prudence and less of passion. Or it well should be. You may still root for any team at heart even if it goes through a bad patch, but should you also continue to place your bets on it and lose money? Now, that’s a question not many will not have an answer for. This present condition of the team seems to show that they are on a bad patch quite literally. Here’s some observations.

Manager woes

Mourinho was appointed to bring the team back into the game and showcase them as strong title challengers in any competition. The third manager since the departure of Sir Alex, his has not been a rosy journey so far. His tactics have been described as “stodgy” many times and is quite a change from the thrilling play of his rival Guardiola. This performance may keep a safety-first angle for the players but doesn’t seem to be doing a great job overall for the fixtures.

High cost low form

High stakes players are naturally expected to churn out high calibre performances. But that seems to be something that is missing from the United side we are seeing today. The best players seem to be coming off the field on more occasions than one would appreciate. If one is signed on as a star the world does expect them to play as one and not just for a part of a match but for the whole ninety minutes, and more if required. It is high time then that the players step up and be the magicians they are expected to be.

No structure

The team has always been known for a certain style of football. In fact, most of the big clubs we see around seem to have a football philosophy that works out on the field and we can see in action. In the case of Manchester United, most of the old fans can vouch for the attack-first style that used to be the former managers like Sir Matt Busby and Sir Alex.

The latter is a living legend of the game and rightfully so. But this style however has since faded from the club’s play. The result is a game that’s does not invite much confidence. However, its sparks of brilliance ensures that you cannot write it off completely while placing a bet. And when placing one against be very sure that you have gauged all the possible angles, for the team still packs a punch.

In conclusion it can be said that though the team is not currently at the dizzying heights of brilliance it is expected to be, it still is a force to reckon with. And next season may just be the one to help everyone forget a bad patch.