After a lacklustre start to the season, crucial wins against Liverpool, Southampton and Leicester appear to have turned Manchester United’s fortunes around. With most of the Premier League season still to play, our odds of securing that all important top four finish have been slashed. As current underdogs for the top four, Paddy Power offers you the chance to cash in.

The Premier League season is well underway, and with it has come the usual emotional rollercoaster of being a Red Devil. A campaign that started as one full of hope following the arrival of new boss Erik Tan Hag soon turned to one of misery for us United fans. Our position at the bottom of the table after two league games was the worst record since the Premier League’s debut season back in 1992. Doomed to continue our so-called ‘banter club’ status, all hope seemed lost. But in a 38-game season, the results of the first few games can be blown out of proportion.

For that reason, early on in Premier League campaign can be the optimum time to cash in through sports betting. Sites such as Paddy Power offer the opportunity to bet on English Premier League, on anything from in game moments to season-long predictions, such as candidates for relegation or to win the coveted title. Of course, given how lucrative Champions League football has become in recent years, you can now bet on your team’s top four finish. While United’s chances of such a feat seemed near impossible just two games in, Paddy Power’s Premier League tips state that we may now have underdog status in this race, with odds of 6/5.

The turning point was undoubtedly THAT game against Liverpool. Two sublime finishes from Jadon Sancho and Marcus Rashford were crucial, with the team showing great character to hold out for a 2-1 victory. A win against our arch-rivals was a statement of intent and gave us the confidence to secure not one but TWO away wins, something of a rarity from United in recent years. Combine this form with two hallmark signings in Brazilian duo Casemiro and Antony and our top four charge no longer seems so impossible. 

However, our start-of-season form reflects the unpredictable nature of the Premier League season, where it seems points can be won or lost regardless of United’s opponents. This is where Paddy Power comes in. They offer tips on anything from individual fixtures to player transfers, and even to new managerial appointments. If you want to cash in on United’s new upturn in form but are unsure where to start, Paddy Power can give you the tools to do so.

With the top four in our sights, United face some stern tests in the Premier League. You can bet on that along with all other Premier League matches with Paddy Power.