Are you United?

Red Knights are developing a plan to buy United – and any new ownership model would aim not only to put the club on a sound financial footing, but would also put all of us, as supporters, at the heart of everything the club does.

Crucially, before they take action, the Red Knights need to know that they have the backing of United supporters. They’ve played their part and now we need to play ours by demonstrating mass support. We need to race to our first goal of 100,000 fans.

This is our moment – in the coming days and weeks we can change everything.

We have a window here – and we must rise to the challenge and grasp this opportunity. Or else we risk allowing the Glazers to throw our club’s future away. If we unite now at this crucial time, however, we will achieve real and lasting change.

This is no longer just about protest – this is now our positive movement that can make a difference. And we need your help to seize this moment. Add your support to the campaign and then make sure that all of your friends sign up as well.

Are you United?

There are plenty of questions we have as fans about the Red Knights and I think it would be naive to assume they will provide us with some sort of utopia. I am wary about their calls for fans to ditch their season tickets and am intrigued as to whether they plan price freezes/cuts. However, we at least have a group of people who are claiming they want to do right by the fans and who claim to be fans themselves. To the Glazers, we have always been customers and our club has always been a franchise.

For the Red Knights to have the total backing of MUST suggests that this lot might just be the good guys. I don’t expect them to ride us off in to the sunset but they impressed representatives MUST enough at a meeting on Monday and I am going to trust MUST on this one. Of course, it is up to you whether you choose to do the same.