ARGENTINA! surprisingly battered Brazil in today’s semi-final at the Olympics, meaning they will not go on to play Nigeria in Saturday’s final for the gold medal.

The referee was taking no prisoners, sending off two frustrated Brazilian’s for challenges that would usually see just a yellow card in the Premiership. However, there were no complaints from me, considering the cynical nature of both of them. It was also pleasing enough to see that dipper midget, Javier Mascherano, on the receiving end of both of them!

The match was over long before the red cards though, with Argentina dominating the match, particularly in the second half. They scored 3 goals, one of which a Riquelme penalty, following a (wrongly) disallowed Pato goal for Brazil.

Sadly though, it doesn’t mean we’ll get Anderson, who is sporting a new shorter haircut, back much sooner, with the play-off for the bronze medal taking place on Friday at noon. The upside of course is our young midfielder is likely to win this honour, considering that Belgium are their opponents.