Now I thought we were on to something when news broke that Mark Hughes was interesting in signing Mikael Silvestre, but now it appears that cheeky smiling Arsene Wenger is after him.

“Arsene has been looking for experienced cover for Gael Clichy and he knows all about Mikael,” said an Arsenal source. “Arsene has followed his career with France and at United and the fact he is French is a bonus.”

Now we all know Wenger loves his French players, so it’s not completely outlandish to imagine that he’d be interested in Silvestre. However, it certainly suggests something about Wenger’s aspirations if he believes Silvestre is an answer to their problems.

Wenger talks about the money Arsenal have to repay thanks to their new stadium, but if we’re honest, it’s less than what the Glazers are paying off to the debt collectors. With the similar incomes of the two clubs, either Wenger is being dishonest about his cheque book or the club aren’t giving the manager what he needs.

But if Wenger believes that Silvestre has something to offer, particularly at the transfer fee which will apparently be less than £1 million, then I am more than happy to see him make a go of it. I thought the image of Silvestre in a City shirt was funny enough, but an Arsenal shirt is even better! Mikael, playing ‘beautiful football’? Quality.

Some reports suggest that Sunderland are the most likely destination for Silvestre, but I suppose it really is anyone’s guess.

So what do you prefer? Silvestre to City, Sunderland or Arsenal?