The headlines today are largely talking about Jose Mourinho living in a hotel. But the main story on The Daily Mail this morning came under the headline: “From walking out at Benfica to huge power struggles at Chelsea: How it all unravelled for Mourinho at former clubs”.

You would think it was a slow news day for such stories to be so prominent. It’s almost as if it’s not the first weekend of the season for the top clubs in the FA Cup, or that one of the Premier League’s best players is set to leave for Barcelona, or that Chelsea are signing a player from a Premier League club, and so on.

However, this has been a week where two Premier League managers have made comments that could be described as very inappropriate, at best.

Following Arsenal’s 2-2 draw with Chelsea, Arsene Wenger claimed that if Zappacosta’s late attempt had gone in and not hit the crossbar, he would have killed himself.

“Maybe I would have gone home and committed suicide tonight,” he said, when asked what he would have done if Chelsea had scored a late winner. Making light of people who suffer from depression and kill themselves over issues much greater than a bloody goal being scored is poor taste.

Yesterday, Mourinho defended himself against the claims from the journalists at his press conference that he had lost his passion. Mourinho insisted that he had simply matured and, without mentioning any names, didn’t feel the need to behave like a “clown” on the touchline in front of the cameras to prove that he cared. Thoughts immediately went to Antonio Conte and Jurgen Klopp who are very animated over every goal that is scored, regardless of how important it is or not.

Conte attended his press conference today, ahead of Chelsea’s FA Cup game against Norwich, and turned his attention to making light of senile dementia. Considering Mourinho hadn’t mentioned Conte by name, it’s interesting that he would grass on himself and acknowledge that his behaviour is clown-like.

“I think that he has to see himself in the past – maybe he was speaking about himself in the past, yeah?” Conte said. “Maybe sometimes I think that someone forget what they said in the past or which is his behaviours and sometimes I think there is, I don’t know the name, demenza senile, when you are a bit [Conte taps his temple] when you forget what you do in the past.”

Yeh. But Mourinho lives in a hotel. So…