Some quick reaction to Wayne Rooney’s decision to stay:

Carlo Ancelotti

“I’m not surprised. Manchester Untied are happy to keep a fantastic player. I think that Rooney did a fantastic job for Manchester United and, in the future, I think he will do the same.”

Arsene Wenger

“Once the club came out and said that they couldn’t find an agreement it was a message that they wanted to sell. Certainly Rooney has got the guarantees he wanted – you can translate that like you want, but that’s it. “It was just a story that for me, from the start to the end, was of no interest to me. When I saw the headlines I just turned the page. I was never really interested in that story because what happened with Wayne Rooney happens to every club, every year – plenty of times. Just because he has a different name it was certainly a story, but it is a super-classical story which happens in every club, every week, so I could never understand what was really special in this case.”

Rio Ferdinand

“It was never in doubt in my mind. Wazza is United through and through. There’s no way I could have seen him playing for another club, definitely not a Premiership club anyway.”

Paddy Crerand

“I don’t believe Wayne was properly advised in how to deal with his concerns and new contract, it is a shame that this much fuss has been created but terrific news that it’s now resolved. That said we now must move on. I want all fans to get behind the Manager, Wayne Rooney and our great club – I really hope this galvanises the team and we go on to win a record 19th Premiership title.”

Lou Macari

“I’m shocked. Nothing’s shocked me more in football than this week. I thought this week leading up to today was enough but I just couldn’t believe it when I got the news what had happened. His statement was undermining the players, was undermining the manager. Saying that the manager’s got no ambition and the club’s got no ambition and all that. You’re pointing the finger at everyone at Manchester United, not just the owners in America who probably that finger was being pointed at. So there’s a bit of rebuilding to be done. I think supporters hold the key to how well Wayne does in the future, whether they’re going to forgive him and accept him back.”