Over the past few days there has been plenty of talking concerning Cristiano Ronaldo’s potential move to Arsenal, before a deal with United was agreed. This wasn’t anything we hadn’t heard before, with Arsene Wenger revealing as much earlier in the year.

Ronaldo let on that his mum, Dolores Aveiro, had been very taken with the Arsenal manager, saying, “After I signed for United she and I were sitting watching a Premier League game on television and she yelled out ‘I know that guy – I liked him!’”

“I’m disappointed that I seduced only Ronaldo’s mum!” said Wenger. “I had Ronaldo at the training ground, I showed him around and I gave him a shirt. It has got his name on the back. We watched him play in a Toulon tournament. I saw that he was an exceptional talent but we could not predict that he would become the player that he is. What we did not see in him at that time is his capability to score goals. He was something special but he did not score goals, he did not even go in the box. Today on the corner he is good in the air.”

That’s what five years at United can do for a player, Mr Wenger.