Cesc Fabregas has today revealed that he congratulated Sir Alex Ferguson after our draw with them at Old Trafford saw us lift the Premiership for the third successive season.

“I don’t know Sir Alex very well and normally I just say ‘hi’ whenever I see him,” said Fabregas. “But the last time we spoke was last season when they won the league against us. I went up to him afterwards and said ‘Congratulations, well done, you deserved it.’ He said ‘Thank you very much.’ It was not so tough. I always want to win and I hate to lose but sometimes you just have to say that another team is better than you. Now it would be nice if this weekend he was saying the same to me because that would mean we have won the game – we have beaten Manchester United.”

Now, I know Fabregas is pretty young, but he surely is not this naive. The chances of Ferguson tracking down Fabregas at the end of this game and saying “Congratulations” if we’ve lost are slim to none. Not forgetting that Fabregas was one of the little pricks, alongside Ashley Cole, who lobbed pizza at Sir Alex Ferguson after we ended their unbeaten run in 2004. Thanks to a penalty we didn’t deserve and a last minute goal, United put a stop to a unbeaten stint which lasted 49 games. Arsenal fans and players do like to forget our keeper had just ONE save to make over the course of 90 minutes though, because it doesn’t give the impression that United winning was the right result, when the goal we scored from open play, our possession and our shots on goal all suggest otherwise.

Being magnanimous in defeat is certainly an admirable quality but I would be disappointed if our manager showed that little twat the tiniest ounce of respect, for all his spitting in player’s faces, throwing pizza at the most successful manager of all time, kicking one of our players off the pitch, grabbing his face and pretending to be dreadfully injured to get a mate sent off, and the like. Quality footballer, but total cock.