Mikael Silvestre is looking forward to facing us in the European Cup semi-finals, although recognises it could be a challenge to play against his friends.

“I still have a lot of friends at United but it’s part of the competition,” said Silvestre. “You go to a match and you want to fight, no matter who you play against. You have to fight even if it’s your best friend in front of you. When you have to tackle, to win the ball, when you have to play the challenges, you fight for your club and you forget everything else.”

Silvestre is also very complimentary of both teams, as well as his former manager, Ferguson, and current manager, Wenger.

“Arsenal and Manchester United are two very similar clubs,” he added. “They have the best players, the best managers, the best facilities, the best stadiums. And they always play an attacking football whatever happens. Ferguson and Wenger would be able to manage in any business. When you are up to manage 25 top players and keep them on their toes, then you have to pick 11 while keeping everybody happy for 10 months, it’s not very easy. You have to be strong and intelligent. They are both intelligent.”