Goodplaya: Wenger chants smear everything United say they stand for rant.
As Mike Dean and his assistant will well know, for 13 years Arsene Wenger has had to endure thousands upon thousands of people sing at him “sit down you paedophile” every time he stands up at Old Trafford. Presumably even the majority of Spurs and Chelsea fans think it beyond the pale because despite the tune being around for years, the only place you ever heard it song with any great gusto is Old Trafford. And we’re not talking about a small minority of the fans. We’re not even talking about only United’s vocal away following. It is thousands upon thousands of them. It is a vile, inhumnan [sic] chant when aimed at anyone.

Gunnerblog: “Sit down you paedophile. Just not there.”
It is remarkable that the press seem to have collectively decided to gloss over the abuse dished out by the Old Trafford crowd. It turns my stomach.

Which is weird because the press don’t gloss over Arsenal’s bad behaviour. They constantly criticise them for their homophobic behaviour towards their former player and youth team product, Ashley Cole. Oh no wait, it’s completely glossed over.

If you Google “Arsenal fans homophobic” there are the usual ten results on the first page. You will see an article written in The Mirror in response to the abuse Wenger received at our recent meeting, a couple of unrelated articles from an Arsenal blog, then several articles from gay websites and one broadsheet newspaper from three years ago! On the second and third pages there are no articles from any of the well known papers. Essentially, there is no coverage from the past three years and virtually none at all since Cole joined Chelsea.

Even more disturbing though is the media’s refusal to respond to the Munich chants, which occur both home and away when we play City, as well as when we face Liverpool. A couple of years ago, the Munich song started up from Liverpool’s end seconds before Rio Ferdinand rifled the ball in to the top corner (before doing his whole embarrassing ‘brap’ routine). Surely that was a perfect opportunity for the media to pick up on their behaviour, given that karma paid them back for it instantly!

Nine months after the Munich memorial game, where the City fans were quiet for a whole minute, we went to Wastelands and the songs and aeroplane arms were back. Did the media rip them apart for it? Course not. I didn’t see it get a mention and there were certainly no articles outlining the hypocrisy of these fans, who wanted pats on the back for respecting the minute’s silence earlier that year. This Arsenal idea that United fans are being protected by the media is bollocks, because City and Liverpool fans are in regards to their Munich songs, just as Arsenal are with their abusive chants for Cole. In fact, it only seems to be Spurs fans who the papers really go to town on, for their abuse of Sol Campbell, but I wouldn’t ever suggest this was something to do with the Arsenal biased London press.

Arsenal fans take their homophobic chants far and wide, singing them at home, singing them away, singing them in Europe, singing them on public transport. There were loads of Arsenal fans in Milan singing about Ashley Cole shagging men, Arsenal fans rising to their feet for the climatic ‘ten men went to bed, CUNTS’, the song is sung at Craven Cottage, and obviously at Stamford Bridge, the Emirates, they sing it on the night-bus home and on the tube. These just the first few examples I found on YouTube, so you’d imagine that in reality this is done on a much larger scale!

Still, their homophobic chants don’t get in the way of them taking the moral high ground in regards to United chants about Wenger being a paedophile. It’s not OK to call a father a paedophile, agreed, but apparently it is OK to call a married man gay. Got it. We’re not talking about a small minority of the fans. We’re not even talking about only Arsenal’s away following. It is thousands upon thousands of them.

It’s not just about whether he is gay or not, rather associating a person they hate with being gay, as if being gay is this disgusting and humiliating thing, and mockingly singing about all the men he’s shagged. The fact is, the bloke has a wife and to be jeering gay insults his direction is out of line.

So, in the aftermath of their cruel defeat, whereby one of their own players scored the winning goal for us, their fans went on the rampage. Not keen to take out their defeat on the people that cost them the game, Almunia and Diaby, they turned their attention to Amazon. Someone called ‘Fat Willy’ was selling United songs to download off Amazon, one of which being the Wenger paedo chant.

This blog wasn’t happy, neither was this one, or this one, or this one, you get the idea. How disgusting! I mean, no Arsenal fans would ‘do a Fat Willy’ and put abusive songs on the internet available to buy! Oh no wait, of course they would.

Let me introduce you to ‘The Away Boyz‘ who have spent time in the recording studio to produce their CD “AFC4U”. Their CD was being sold on match days and includes a song called “Ashley Cole is a Chelsea Batty Boy”.

I’ll give you a little taster of some of their lyrics:
Now you’re at Chelsea, you’ve got something to say, the whole of England knows you’re gay, because you walk that way.

Ashley you’re a Chelsea fag.

Ashley Cole is a Chelsea batty boy, he’s a Chelsea batty boy, he’s a Chelsea batty boy.

Whenever we see you, you know we’re gonna give you stick cos you’re a little Chelsea prick and you do suck dick.

You’re a fag, you’re a dick, you’re a knob, you’re a prick, and Mourinho’s crap, I bet you swallowed it.

These songs are easily downloadable on the internet, would you believe, and will set you back £1.50. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no fan of Ashley Cole. He’s a cunt and the fact he has Cheryl as a wife proves there is no God. But this homophobic attitude that radiates from Arsenal fans merely because they hate him isn’t on.

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So, what’s my point? Arsenal fans are worse than United fans? No, course not. But football fans can be wankers. They can be racist, they can be homophobic, they can mock the dead, they can wish death on players, and they can call people paedophiles. I’m not preaching or telling people what they should or shouldn’t sing about. Some songs are closer to the bone than others and people will make their own mind up on what they think is OK or not. I can give my opinion but I’m not here to be self-righteous or prescriptive. But given the disproportionate reaction to our Wenger songs and Amazon, you would think they were saints. In reality, their fans sing homophobic songs at a volume that they can be heard on telly and there are videos all over YouTube. I’m not saying all Arsenal fans are homophobic but equally, not all United fans sing the paedo song. Start a campaign to sort out your own fans’ behaviour! But the hypocrisy amongst all clubs’ fans will rage on…