Ian Wright recently gave his blessing for Arsenal hero, Thierry Henry, to sign for Manchester United. His son has since signed for Manchester City, having his medical at a Manchester hospital today. However, TalkSport radio have revealed that another player was rumoured to be in the hospital today, with the intention of moving to United.

Wright revealed that word around the hospital was Henry had also had a medical today at the same hospital, with a move to Manchester United on the cards. He claims he heard from the medical staff that Henry had been there earlier that day.

David Gill has spoken about our striker search this evening. Whilst most assume he is talking about Dimitar Berbatov, could it be Henry we’re waiting on?

“Clearly there’s not long to go,” he said. “You’ll have to wait with bated breath. We’re looking at it. Let’s see what happens. It’s inappropriate to comment on what is going on behind the scenes at the moment. We’re working on it but I’ve been doing transfers for many, many years and know nothing is done until it’s done, either in or out. We’ll see what happens but, unfortunately, everybody is going to have to wait.”

Just a year before moving to Barcelona, Henry claimed he would never go to Spain and would stay with Arsenal for the rest of his career. The fact that he has since said that he would never play for another English club is meaningless.

And if Alan Smith can sign for United, anyone can. I’d just rather believe all of this can’t be true though.

Surely Wright was being wound up here?