Cesc Fabregas gave an interview with The Star today, claiming that Cristiano Ronaldo won the titles by himself over the last two seasons, therefore it is good news for our rivals that he has left.

Unpopular Arsenal striker, Nicklas Bendtner, takes a different viewpoint though. He recognises the importance of Ronaldo, as we all do, but is also aware of the other threats that United will pose.

“When talking about such large sums, it is difficult to say whether Ronaldo will prove value for money,” said Bendtner. “But he has clearly meant a great deal to Manchester United and he has given them extra points. His goals are often scored completely out of the blue and without the team creating an opportunity for him. When there is such a large offer on the table, it is hard to say no to selling a player, so I understand the market. But Cristiano Ronaldo has been a great player for Manchester United and they will miss him. This is not something for Arsenal to think about because, first and foremost, we must concentrate on our own players and our own game if we are to challenge for the championship. United are also much more than just Ronaldo. Such a great club has many other great players and I think also that they will buy big again, so there are others who can take over from him.”