Arsenal’s one man, Cesc Fabregas, has revealed that playing Manchester United is his biggest game of the season.

“Manchester United surpasses all the other matches for me,” said Fabregas. “As a player it is the one game I really look forward to playing in every season. Chelsea is really good, Liverpool too and Tottenham is special, particularly for the fans who get really excited. But if you have to pick one game from 38 then playing against Man United is the game. For me it is definitely the most special game to play in the Premier League.”

Cesc Fabregas is Arsenal’s top scorer and he also has their most assists, making him indispensable to the club. Even Cristiano Ronaldo during our league and European Cup double winning season of 07-08 couldn’t claim such a feat.

You wouldn’t be surprised if Fabregas headed in the same way as Thierry Henry, making Arsenal a one man team and totally dependent upon him, before leaving for Barcelona.