The Ashley Young rumours are gaining more momentum and it looks as though the player could sign today. Last week RoM briefly discussed the pros and cons of signing Young, given that at turning 26, he’s hardly set the world alight.

My thinking is that Antonio Valencia had done much less when we brought him in for £16m a couple of summers ago and look how important he’s turned out to be. Of course, that doesn’t guarantee Young’s success, but you would like to think the manager is capable of spotting players he thinks he can work with and improve.

However, in the reports about Young today, the figure being quoted is £20m. Of course we should expect to pay the ridiculous English tax but this fee seems ridiculous.

Young only has one year remaining on his current contract, which should slash any transfer fee. Let’s not forget that Real Madrid, who spend money like there’s no tomorrow, forked out just £12m for World Cup star Mesut Ozil, as he only had one year remaining. In 2008, they paid a similar figure for Rafael Van der Vaart, also in the last year of his contract.

I won’t be disappointed if Young becomes a United player, even though I’d like to see someone of a higher quality come in to play for us in the centre of the park, but I will be disappointed if we pay £20m for him. Sir Alex has turned down the opportunity to sign some great players at decent prices after claiming there was no value in the market, so paying way over the odds for a good, but not great, player would take the piss.

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