Can you hear the Arsenal sing? Nooo, noooo. Can you hear the Arsenal sing? Noooo, noooo. Can you hear the Arsenal sing cos I can’t hear a fuckin thing, wooooooahhhhh shhhhhhhh.

No wonder their old ground used to be called the Library. Even their away support is quiet! It was a European Cup semi-final against one of their hated rivals and they could only be bothered with a few rounds of unoriginal songs every team sings, with the name of the club the only difference. Pathetic.

As an Arsenal fan on the way home from Old Trafford said on BBC 606, he hoped they would be able to recreate something like the atmosphere we produced last night. He was at the game and was big enough to admit it. I imagine, sadly, many others won’t be.

Being at the game, obviously I have no idea if the telly paid much attention to our singing. They probably didn’t. It’s only Liverpool’s Anfield atmosphere they even seem to comment on. But I was thoroughly impressed with our effort. We literally didn’t stop singing all game and I have a voice today which proves it! It’s not just the volume that impresses me but the variety of songs we sing.

It was better against Barcelona but then that was the second leg and a lot more crucial. But there was no knocking how we showed up in numbers in full voice last night. Song after song after song. We brought out the usual old ones, the Calpyso and Busby’s Aces, there were the chants for the current players like Rooney, Ronaldo, Anderson, O’Shea, Giggs, Vidic and Tevez, there were chants specifically for Arsenal, with Vieira woooah and Bertie Mee, mixed in with plenty of the other favourites, like U-N-I,T-E-D, Champions of England Champions of Europe.

Can Arsenal put on a better show? Given how uncreative and quiet their away support was, I very much doubt it!