Last season, Manchester United lost five games in the Premiership. Rooney wasn’t available for four of them and in the fifth he scored the equalising goal, before being subbed up through injury, after which we conceded and lost.

It is Rooney’s drive and competitiveness which makes United more likely to win when he’s on the field because he just won’t give up. He loves playing the game, he loves scoring, and most importantly, he loves winning.

When Rooney hobbled off the pitch with five minutes played against Wigan last month, we feared the worst. After scoring what became our only and winning goal of the game, Rooney had played his part, just as he had the week before against Chelsea, but he was now ruled out for a number of weeks.

Surprisingly though, in the month that has passed, we’ve played seven games and have won all of them, scoring 17 goals. Having Rooney out of the side hasn’t effected us as much as we may have predicted, but that doesn’t mean I’m not bloody relieved to find out that he’s coming back next week!

“Wayne should be ready for Saturday’s game against Blackburn, we’re quite confident of that,” said Ferguson. “And he may have a slight chance of being fit for a place on the bench on Wednesday.”