Since Dimitar Berbatov’s move to United went through, Tottenham Hotspur fans haven’t been his biggest fans.

Whilst Robbie Keane promised the club he was staying just a month before he signed a contract with Liverpool, Berbatov had made his intentions very clear. He wanted to play for Manchester United and he wanted to play Champions League football. Yet the Spurs’ fans hate our striker for wanting to return to European football before the end of his career.

Seems as though their manager has some sense though, with Harry Redknapp today admitting he doesn’t blame Berbatov for leaving Spurs for United.

“Berbatov is a very clever footballer, a great talent,” said Redknapp. “He wanted to play Champions League football for Manchester United. And I don’t blame him for that. Once the wheels were in motion, the move was always going to happen. It was inevitable. And when that happens all you can do is try to get as much money as you can for him.”