Last year, MUST got stuck in to Manchester United’s ticket policy, particularly where season tickets were concerned. Then the OFT got on board in MUST‘s fight after seeing how the normal fans were being priced out and how unrealistic and unfair the Automatic Cup Scheme was.

Following the investigation, United have told the OFT they do not believe the terms and conditions are unfair but plan to make things “clearer” in the future, whatever that means!

They are pledging to 1. provide clearer information on when, where and why season ticket holders are relocated for cup games, 2. more information on the potential cost of long cup runs and 3. a clearer appeal process for disputes over season-ticket cancellations because of non-payment for cup games.

The Automatic Cup Scheme, which can rinse you for hundreds more quid every season, but will see your season ticket cancelled if you don’t pay up, will still be in place. A further probe was required to take the club on over the ACS, but this was deemed too costly by the OFT.

The only substantial benefit seems to be for the holders of the one-year season ticket, who were made to cough up for all the cup tickets until things started getting interesting. When Barcelona came to town for the European Cup semi-finals, the one-year holders found themselves without a ticket! The club insists this will no longer be the case though, with all season ticket holders guaranteed a seat to every league and cup game… they’ll just charge you for it!

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