Eric Bailly has spent much of his Manchester United career out injured but has been reintroduced to the team after almost a year out and has impressed, with United not conceding a goal in any of his three starts.

Speaking in an interview with ESPN, Bailly has reflected on what it was like being injured and how he has overcome that frustration.

When you’re injured you basically can’t do anything. The emotions you feel are just rage. But if it happens to you then, that’s that. You have to find some peace with it. It really was difficult seeing the team suffer at times and losing important matches but you know, it’s still such a young team and we still have so much to learn. But right before my return, the team was growing in confidence and I was lucky to return to the team that has a strong mentality.

Having previously played for Jose Mourinho at United, Bailly has said it’s important to have a manager like Ole Gunnar Solskjaer who has played the game and understands how players feel.

It’s also important being able to work with someone who is a former player. Someone who understands the players’ situations, understands all the things that can happen from time to time. Because football is not just played on the pitch, it’s also about all the things that go on around the game, the things that people don’t see, and he is someone that gets that and it helps the team a lot. Besides being a coach, he’s just a normal person you know? I would say like an uncle.

United are currently battling to finish in the top four but Bailly has said he would rather we sacrificed our league position, as we did in 2016-17, in order to win the Europa League.

Considering the position we are in now, I would prefer to win the Europa League because when you win that, it takes you to the Champions League. So for me, that’s my favourite. However, trying to win every game is important and that’s all we can do and see where that takes us.