Frank Lampard

“It’s just a bit of luck and it was a good game for us to win. I think it was a foul looking back at it. You play on until the ref blows the whistle. I don’t think any player would have kicked the ball out, you’re entitled to shoot. That’s what United did in the first half, but the referee stopped them and when Ballack went down in the second half they were complaining that they couldn’t carry on.”

Michael Ballack

“I have to be happy that the referee didn’t blow because maybe I blocked him a little bit. If the referee gives a foul it would have been okay as well, but he decided not to. It was a bit unlucky after that because they conceded the goal.”

Sir Alex Ferguson

“If the referee sees it properly, it’s a red card. He’s elbowed him clearly. The referee’s in line and had a clear view so Ballack’s lucky. But he’s made a rod for his own back. He’d stopped the game twice already: when Nani was down and on a second occasion when Ballack went down. We’ve seen that before with him. I spoke to the referee [about that previous incident] and he said it was serious and Ballack needed treatment, though he was up straight away.”