Whilst his unhappy wife is a concern, the good news today is that Nemanja Vidic has pledged his future to United until he’s in his 30’s.

After Carlos Tevez’s recent shameful behaviour, it’s good to know there is still some loyalty left in the game!

“My wife Ana is unhappy with our lifestyle in Manchester but I am not going to change my mind as I am happy with the team and Manchester and the club’s ambition for next season,” said Vidic. “I got offers from Milan, Barcelona and Real Madrid and I played a very honest game – I disclosed all these offers to my boss Sir Alex. He reacted quickly. I was told he was raising my pay to bring it to the level where my reputation is in the Premier League and Europe. After Milan and Real Madrid made their offers Barcelona came in – they wanted to pay £30million for my services but after Sir Alex’s move, I am definitely staying in Manchester until my contract expires in 2012. I don’t care that I will still not be paid as much as my good friends Rio Ferdinand or Wayne Rooney but I guess I will be at the same level as Berbatov or Carrick.”