Michael Carrick! Well done lad. Nice to see even when we only have one player representing the national team, one who is always overlooked in favour of Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard, that he is giving a good account of himself.

I didn’t watch the game so don’t expect any more from me on it!

The Guardian live text

10 mins: This is good stuff from England so far. They’re tormenting Germany with pace on the flanks but are also probing intelligently through the middle, Carrick having just picked out the perpetually moving Defoe with a dainty clip over the top.

21 mins: He’s been impressive so far, bringing some cerebral touches to the middle. His poise and precision have been central to England’s dominance.

23 mins: Goal

60 mins: Carrick neatly pinches the ball off Schweinsteiger to instigate more English probing. It breaks down due to Agbonlahor’s ropey control, but a loose pass by a German enables Carrick to dart in and win it back.

67 mins: Carrick slides sumptuous ball through to Agbonlahor, who holds off the defenders and wallops it goalward from the edge of the box.

86 mins: ITV have awarded the man of the match, um, award to Upson. As you know, I would have given it to Carrick.

In other news, Tiny Tears is being hailed as Captain Incredible again, saving the day. Unfortunately the headlines don’t seem to convey what is written within the articles… the fact that it was TT’s mistake that cost England the equalising goal, meaning they needed a late one to get back in front.

The Guardian reads: An absolutely farcical sequence of play gifts Germany and equaliser. Terry attempted to shepherd it back to the keeper, but Carson was slow to come and Terry allowed Helmes to nip in, nutmeg the exposed keeper and tap in into the net. An awful goal borne of a grievous lack of communication. The commentators are blaming Carson, but I think Terry should have dealt with that. It was Terry’s fault. He had control of the ball and, in the absence of any clear understanding with his keeper, should have put it out of danger, not allow himself to be pickpocketed on the edge of the area.