Towards the end of United’s 1-0 win over Roma on Tuesday, Ronaldo received a blow to the head, causing blood to gush from above his eyebrow. He later had four stitches put in, although as yet, has not revealed the damage.

The lad is promoting his new book, which goes in to detail over what happened that day in the World Cup, winks an’ all! He showed up with a baseball cap and glasses. For any of you who may be worried about the man who even Rooney confessed was good looking, don’t. Ronaldo let the press know, “it is OK. In four or five days I will be beautiful again.” Phew. And there was me worrying about whether he would be featuring at the weekend or not.

My estimation of Ronaldo increases all the time, in terms of his ability and his attitude. Just like Beckham after his World Cup incident, Ronaldo has risen above the scorn and hatred, silencing the boos with his skill, and went on to play a vital role in us winning back our trophy. Despite getting kicked from pillar to post in every match, and getting jeered and booed everytime his legs are taken away from him, Ronaldo has vowed to continue to play the dazzling football he’s famous for. “It will never intimidate me, never stop me from displaying my skill. My boss does a great job in trying to protect me. He says everything.” Good to know.

The message we keep getting from Ronaldo is that he is here to stay, which is a commitment I never expected from him. Whilst I don’t believe he’ll be doing a Neville/Keane/Giggs/Scholes and spending the vast majority of his career with us, it’s nice to know he has the best of intentions. It is naive to think that he is going to stay here until he’s in his thirties, but he certainly seems to be growing closer to the United family. He’s starting to feel like one of us and I’m more than happy for him to stay as long as possible. If he could reach the peak of his career with us, that would be fantastic. Anything more would be a bonus.

Ronaldo has said that he is going to stay with us until we tell him to go, which is something I simply can’t imagine (unless he gets on the wrong side of Fergie, of course). “I have enjoyed playing for this club for five years and I want to keep going like that,” he said. “Sometimes in the past I have thought about other clubs but I took a decision to stay because this is the right place for me. It is not just about the club. It is the people, the players and the supporters. You have everything here. No-one knows the future but only when the club says they don’t want me will I leave.”

We are likely to hear even more from our young winger over the next few weeks as he really starts to hammer the publicity for the book. So far, I’m liking everything I hear. Keep up the good work Ronnie!

How long do you think Ronaldo will stay at United for?