When Manchester United signed Bebe for over £7 million, we could hardly believe. He was totally unknown and was playing in Portugal’s second division. Months before United bought him, he had been offered around Europe’s clubs for £125,000, but nobody was interested.

Bebe has reflected on the transfer, now that he is playing for Rayo Vallecano on a year-long loan from Benfica.

It all happened very quickly, it was a surprise. One day I was training and immediately they told me to leave, that I was going to sign a five-year contract. I did not know if it was a joke. I was not there long, but I made the most of it. It was the dream of many kids – it seemed crazy. When I arrived there I was with the best players in the world. “I found it a bit difficult; the first week I was breathing deeply. I got used to it, though. I arrived there without much football education, with what I had – talent, pace, strength – but I was lacking many things. If a big club signed me now, it would be different.