Nani was given the responsibility of helping Bebe settle in when he first signed for the club in the summer and has been a great help to the youngster.

Nani was born in the same city as Bebe’s parents, helping strengthen the bond and sense of home our new player has enjoyed since moving to Manchester.

“Nani is giving me a lot of help,” Bebe reveals. “We have the same origins in Cape Verde. I go to his house, he teaches me some English and gives me a lot of support. I want to give my best and try to reach the same level as him.”

Bebe has also reflected on his first few days in Manchester after meeting the manager.

“I met Sir Alex in England the day after I signed for the club,” he continued. “He told me I had to learn English quickly and to go as fast as I could to the hairdresser and get my hair cut! It was like a joke – but I think he maybe meant it too.”

It’s nice to see that Bebe isn’t ignorant like some players who come to play in England but never bother to learn the language, but I also think this friendship could be having a positive effect on Nani. He is only 23-years-old himself but the role of mentor could countribute to helping him mature and improving his responsibility at the club.