Some of the best bits from Bebe’s interview with Maisfutebol.

Q: How did your childhood friends react when they found out you were going to Manchester United?

Q: Jealous (laughs). They always asked me for Manchester United sweaters. I have many memories of my time in the House of Gaiato and always keep in touch with these friends.

Q: Who were the players that helped you the most when you first signed?

A: Anderson and Nani, of course, for speaking Portuguese, and Patrice Evra. I lived with Anderson for two months. It was great, he showed me all the club and the city. He told me what I was doing right and wrong. I am thankful to him for all that help.

Q: You scored two goals for Manchester United. Do you remember those times?

A: I will never forget. I scored against Wolverhampton and Bursaspor in the Champions League. Interestingly, before the game I got a little upset. Nani was injured and I thought I’d replace him, but the coach put another player (Ji-Sung Park). I was sad. I had warmed up in various games but didn’t play. But I ended up going on after 62 minutes and scored shortly after.

Q: What did Alex Ferguson instruct you to do when you came on?

A: He asked me not to retreat. He wanted me wide open on the line, to give quality crosses and passes. When the goal went it I didn’t know how to celebrate. Paul Scholes made a pass into the area and I finished well.

Q: Had ever imagined that you would score from a Paul Scholes pass?

A: Never, never (laughs)! At that time it was all a dream. One day I passed the ball through Ryan Giggs’ legs in training and he came over and told me, “Go on, you can tell your mother you did this to Ryan Giggs.”

Q: What was your day-to-day life like in Manchester?

A: I lived near my teammates, half an hour from the city and close to the training ground. In the morning I would go to training with Anderson, then I started to go by taxi. Sometimes Nani also gave me a ride. We trained only in the morning, not the afternoon, unless I had to do gym work. At the end of each workout there was a screen with individual instructions for each player.

Q: Who was the best player at Manchester United?
Paul Scholes. He is three times as good as other players. Van Persie and Nani are also fantastic in one one one.

Q: Is it true that Alex Ferguson made you cut your hair?

A: He advised me to do that that, yes. I went into his room and saw that he was looking at me, very seriously. ‘Hmmm, that hair.’ Of course, I cut it on the same day. In the next training he did not recognise me (laughs). I passed him several times and did not realise it was me.

Q: Are there are similarities between English and Turkish fans?

A: They are very passionate, but nothing compares to the atmosphere of Old Trafford. The English always support the team but the Turks are more crazy.”

Q: Which Portuguese club would you most like to play for?

A: I would like to play at Sporting, I identify with the club.

Q: Will you become one of the best Portuguese players?

A: I want to be and can be. I have quality to it.

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