Our new signing, Bebe, is currently with the Portugal U-21 squad and has impressed in training.

Jorge Paxaio, Bebe’s coach at former club Estrela, has spoken very fondly of our new player, although is wary of what effect his rags to riches background may have.

‘Manchester United are getting a truly remarkable kid,” he said. “Remember that until he was 16 he was just playing with his friends. He has developed incredibly quickly. The first time he plays for United — and I am sure he will make it there — people will notice him because he is different. He has skills that not many players in that League have. He is also physically imposing. He will be like Ronaldo in that point of view. But you will have to wait for him to be ready. I don’t just mean in football terms, but mentally. One day he had nothing and then the next day he had everything. That will be a shock to him, even if he hasn’t realised it yet. He was living in the shelter every day he was with us. He travelled in by public transport. He was like a child in that way.”

His former agent, Goncalo Reis, has also been singing his praises, claiming that he will one day surpass Nani, who is acting as the player’s minder.

“I know the qualities of Bebe and one day he will jump into the first team,” he said. “It won’t be easy but he will get his space. He will not be as good as Ronaldo but will be better than Nani. Somewhere in between. But he will be humble and he will learn. He will be like a little boy with Ferguson. He will just wait for the orders. Then, one day, he will explode on the field.”