Whilst David Beckham is a man who splits opinion amongst United fans, there is no denying Beckham has had a great career. League titles in England and Spain, as well as the European Cup, with Manchester United, Real Madrid and AC Milan all on his resume. It’s more than impressive.

However, not many fans were too impressed for decision to leave Spain for LA Galaxy. It appeared as though he was happy enough to give up on his International career, as well as settling for a much poorer standard of football, just for a bigger pay-day.

Since joining AC Milan on loan, Beckham seems to have got his hunger for the game back though, eager to extend his stay with the Italian club. Whilst leaving Real Madrid for AC Milan would have been an option, he made his mind up to move to America. He’s made his bed, now he must lie in it.

Beckham has admitted today that he has had offers from Premiership clubs, although sadly for him, not from United.

“I received offers from English teams and two other Italian sides, but I wanted Milan from the first moment I knew they were interested in me,” said Beckham. “Playing with Kaka, Ronaldinho and Pato is just too good to refuse – I think Kaka is the best in the world. I am trying to learn Italian and this will take time. I think it’s important to learn the language and integrate well. But I don’t think I will return to the Premier League because the only return I would have liked was Manchester United. I enjoyed 15 great years there and it would be the only team I would play for if I returned home. Manchester United are not one of the teams who contacted me though.”