When not ditching his “I take soccer in the US really seriously” routine for a life away from his wife in Milan, David Beckham enjoys prattling on about how much of a United fan he is. As I United fan, he thinks this, and as a United fan, he thinks that. It’s something special to beat Liverpool, don’t you know?

Anyway, Becks fancies us for the title this season because we’ve got the best players in the World, our manager is awesome, and generally, we’re just incredible.

“As a Manchester United fan to beat Liverpool it’s something special,” said Beckham. “I was lucky to be on the good end of a team that went to Anfield and beat them there and at Old Trafford. Liverpool are playing well but Manchester United are playing incredibly well and have a great squad, they have some of the best players in the world. So for me, as a fan, Manchester United will win the league this season. Obviously it’s not over yet but the way they’re playing, with the players and manager they have, it’s incredible.”