David Beckham was a great player for us and will always be someone I remember fondly after he progressed through our youth system as a life-long Manchester United fan.

What irritates me is the belief that Sir Alex Ferguson ‘forced’ Beckham out of United. Whilst there is no denying the two had a falling out, it should also be remembered this occurred long after Beckham had spent over a year stalling on a new contract. We weren’t offering him enough in image rights so he wouldn’t sign another contract for his boyhood club. If I was Ferguson, I would have fallen out with him and all! (Read more about Beckham’s contract)

Whilst I’m not going to hate Beckham for leaving us, it does nark me that he portrays himself as some massive Manchester United fan, but what irritates me all the more are the fans who defend him and support his claim. Massive Mr Manchester United fan who left us for Real Madrid, who trained with Arsenal, and now, who would consider returning to the Premiership to play against us.

“Never say never,” said Beckham. “I would definitely consider it. When I left my heart was in Manchester – I couldn’t see myself playing against United. Now I wouldn’t rule it out.”