David Beckham wrapped a green and gold scarf around his neck as he left the Old Trafford pitch last night.

Disappointingly, the former United winger has claimed he didn’t know about the connection between the colours and our anti-Glazer protests.

“I’m a Manchester United fan. I saw the scarf there, I put it round my neck,” said Beckham. “It’s the old colours of United, that’s all I knew. To be honest it’s not my business. I support the club. I always have done and I always will do. It’s nothing to do with me the way everything is run, that’s to do with other people but I’m a United fan and I will always support them. Obviously you can hear it week in and week out. There’s always protests going on. Let’s hope it gets sorted out.”

Playing dumb or actually totally oblivious? How can any “United fan” not know about the green and gold movement? So presuming he does know about it, why not have some confidence in his conviction?

It’s still great that he wore the scarf but his comments have taken the shine off it.