Last season, things were looking good for Liverpool to win their 19th title, until Rafael Benitez opened his big gob.

Ahead of Liverpool’s game against Stoke, Benitez chose to dedicate his pre-match press conference to Sir Alex Ferguson, bringing a long sheets of carefully prepared notes, claiming to have several “facts” about our manager.

Unfortunately, his facts were unfounded opinions and he came across as a rambling mad man, more concerned with United and our manager than his own team.

Liverpool drew three games in a row before being knocked out of the FA Cup by Everton, whilst United won game after to game to go top of the table, then later were named champions, equalling LFC’s record 18 titles.

Benitez has today acknowledged that he’s in no position to enter a war of words with our manager, given that we are challenging for the title whilst they are struggling to even make the top four.

“We both said a lot of things last year but this year is different,” said Benitez. “They are at the top of the table and we have to do our job to be in the top four, so the main thing for me is to concentrate on my team. I had a relationship with him before, and now I know him a little better, though we do not talk. There is the personal relationship and the professional one, and you have to separate them.”