Aston Villa striker, Darren Bent, has confirmed what we all knew when saying Manchester United are chasing his team mate, Ashley Young.

Whilst some United fans are less than impressed with the winger, Sir Alex Ferguson has clearly spotted something in him which he believes he can make something out of. Lest we forget how little most United fans rated Antonio Valencia before signing.

Bent has admitted he’s tried to convince Young not to go, but concedes there’s not a lot he can do to stop him.

“He has shown people why clubs like Manchester United are after him and he is a top, top player,” said Bent. “He has played the last four internationals and got three man of the matches so he is on fire at the moment. That’s why teams like United want him. I have always said the best player I have played with club-wise was Luka Modric at Tottenham but Ash can’t be too far behind now, if not on a par with him. I am still trying little bits and bobs here and there to make him stay but at the end of the day he a top, top player and a top professional. If he wants to go and play for the second-best club side in the world, who is going to stop him?”

Young scored for England at the weekend and claims he would like to test himself on the bigger stage more regularly.

“I’ve always had self-belief. I’ve always had the confidence I can play at the highest level,” he said. “I want to test myself at World Cups, European Championships and the Champions League. As a kid you always want to play in the best competitions. As a kid I wanted to play in the Champions League – and hopefully one day I will. People say the prime of your careers is aged 25, 26, 27. I’m 26 next month so hopefully I’m coming into my prime.”

Decline? Valencia replacing Ronaldo, Young replacing…?

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