Whilst Dimitar Berbatov still has his critics, the fans who were slating him not so long ago are slowly turning in his favour. The guy is a cut above and if you can block out the myth of him being ‘lazy’ when you watch him play, it is a lot easier to enjoy what he has to offer.

He had been desperate for a move to Manchester United over the past two summers and was finally granted his wish during the last minutes of the transfer window. Since then, Berbatov claimed he was desperate to become part of a team that had really won something, after just getting to listen in on the conversations about our past successes.

Now Berbatov has a English Champions medal, he should be a lot happier and calmer, but he has revealed today that on occasion he will shake with nerves before kick-off.

“I am still nervous but, when you play for the biggest club in the world, you are sometimes shaking before you go on the pitch,” said Berbatov. “Sometimes I show it with my hands or by screaming on the pitch but sometimes it’s the other way around. I know people sometimes say I don’t mind what happens but, trust me, I feel it very hard. If I don’t show it on my face, inside I’m a really happy guy. Sometimes I get frustrated with myself because, in some games, I haven’t shown my 100 per cent. Everyone has the right to an opinion. Half the people might like me, the other half might not — I just try to make the non-believers into believers.”

Berbatov has also revealed that the titles the club have are enough inspire anyone to get out on the pitch and do great things.

“When you’re in the tunnel and you hear ‘Please welcome the champions of England, the champions of Europe and the champions of the world’, you believe you’re going to crush anybody in your way.”