Dimitar Berbatov has used the platform he has been given from scoring three goals against Liverpool to promote his charity. He created Dimitar Berbatov Foundation in 2008 but this wasn’t the start of his charity. In 2001 he saved the life of a sick Bulgarian girl by paying for her liver transplant and actively helps Unicef.

“I am not the sort of person who courts attention or talks much in or outside the dressing room,” said Berbatov. “But when it comes to my foundation I want to talk because it is a very special thing. The foundation is in my own name and we try to support talented kids who want to do something with their lives, whether it’s acting or football. My organisation also helps kids without any parents in orphanages. It is very important to me and the more people who can help it the better. I do it because I want to help these kids and give something back. If I can show kids the way and support them to do the same it would be great.”