Dimitar Berbatov has revealed that the pressure of his £30m price tag hindered his first couple of seasons at Manchester United, but now hopes he has put that behind him so he can relax and play well for what he regards to be the biggest club in the world.

“You try not to think about it but sometimes you just can’t help it,” said Berbatov. “You start thinking, ‘It’s a lot of money and what’s going to happen if you don’t prove good enough for that amount of money or you don’t score enough goals?’ They’re always going through my mind and sometimes it can be bad for your concentration and your skills because it distracts you.You start to underestimate your skill which is not good because I know what I can do. But every player has periods like this and the main thing is to stay strong because you are going to have dark moments. In the end I just say, ‘Relax, play. You’re playing for the biggest club in the world’ – nobody can say anything else.”