Dimitar Berbatov has outlined his aims for the season and his future career.

“My first target is to stay clear of injury,” said Berbatov. “I think that’s the first target for everybody. Then you think about what you want to do in the season. Obviously you’d like to win everything, but it’s not easy, so you think about how you can help the team – score goals, make assists, as much as possible.”

Berbatov admits he styles himself on Zinedine Zidane, who didn’t just contribute to him team’s success, but contributed with style.

“You need to know when to slow it down, when to increase the tempo,” he said. “Zidane was great at doing that. He knew what he could do with his touch and when a player is really sure in himself he can do great things. I know what I can do and I try to do it.”

Our striker sees a long career ahead of him but reckons he may be better suited to playing in the midfield in the future.

“I keep trying to play in defence in training, but they all scream at me ‘Go forward, go forward’. But I enjoy it,” he continued. “You never know. Many people start as strikers and then move to the midfield. My father was a striker and then he moved back to the defence. Maybe I’ll enjoy playing in the midfield when I’m 37.”