Dimitar Berbatov turned 30 this year and after missing out on the Champions League final squad, looked to be on his way out of the club. However, the Bulgarian has shown his determination to stick at it.

Speaking from the USA tour, Berbatov has reflected on how he would like the fans to remember him.

“As a good player, doing things the fans enjoyed,” Berba said. “I always tend to think my goals are beautiful goals. That is what I want to score; beautiful goals, and create beautiful chances.”

Berba has also reiterated his determination to stay at the club, claiming that moving on anywhere else would be a step down.

“Smaller clubs might be able to match Manchester United with the way they play, with their organisation, everything. But Manchester United are at the top,” he continued. “Where can you go from there? Maybe Barcelona. At the moment, I don’t see anything else. If you go somewhere else it is a big step down. I come from a small country. I have the good fortune to play for Manchester United. For the time I am here I try to do my best and win everything there is to win. There is no other way I can play.”