Dimitar Berbatov has today confirmed he wants to leave the club after hardly getting a look in on the team last season. Despite being the Premier League top scorer the season before, Berbatov only played in 12 league games last season. He scored 7 goals in these brief appearances but that wasn’t enough to convince the manager he should be anything better than fourth choice.

“The truth is, I love this club, but I am not going to be useful to anyone, if I am not playing,” he wrote on his Facebook page. “And I want to play, I want to help. But for unknown reasons it’s not going to happen, or my chances will be limited, so it’s better for everyone if we say goodbye. If not, I am professional and I will keep doing everything I can, to help my team and my team-mates, whenever I have opportunity to do so. Because I am tired of speculation, I am telling you this. I read the papers and I see they say £10m is my price. I go and talk with Sir Alex [Ferguson], and he says to me £5m, so who is telling the truth, what do you think?”