Dimitar Berbatov is leaving United this summer but insists he would never behave like Carlos Tevez has since leaving the club.

“Tevez did ​​it out of spite,” Berbatov told BG TV. “But I wouldn’t do something like that. I had the opportunity to sign for City but I chose United. City are the champions but to me they just bought the title. They bought so many players. I’m sure next year Manchester United will be on top again. Ferguson is honest. He knows how to talk to anyone. After meeting with him you go out so motivated. You want to conquer the world. Before the start of this season, I spoke with Ferguson and asked him if he’ll rely on me. He said to me that he needed me and that I’d play. I’m looking for answer myself why I was sitting on the bench. I spoke with Ferguson about ten times. I was fighting for my place and I was trying but obviously the team will rely on young players.”

Translated by Inna.