Dimitar Berbatov’s agent, Emil Danchev, has confirmed today that the player will be leaving the club in the summer, as everyone thought. Berbatov hasn’t even made the bench in recent matches and his agent has claimed the player doesn’t feel comfortable getting paid for nothing.

“Mitko appreciates the money but that was always secondary to him, he just wants to play,” he said. “Mitko has to endure this situation but it is not his style to start making scandals like Tevez. In Chicharito, Rooney and Tevez, Sir Alex Ferguson has talented strikers. The only thing they have a little more of than Mitko is speed but Berbatov is more technical. I had three meetings with Ferguson and we accept that he is making the next Manchester United team for the next three to four years and the future of the club is not related to Berbatov. The position of the club is that they will not interfere if an offer comes in for him and they will not make difficulties. Dimitar will most probably leave England but he doesn’t want to move to the U.S., Japan, United Arab Emirates or championships like these. He wants to continue his career in another team that is no less classy than Manchester United. Berbatov will go in one among the major European leagues – La Liga, Serie A or Bundesliga.”

Danchev went on to speak highly of the manager too, showing there is no bad blood between the player and Ferguson.

“There is no punishment that left Berbatov outside of the group and it’s not his notorious Scottish stubbornness. There is hardly a manager who comes close to Ferguson. Two of my meetings with him and Gill left me with the impression that he will remain head coach until he wants. Personally, he served tea and coffee, he does not behave arrogantly. “

Some translations by Inna