Dimitar Berbatov has yet to make friends at Old Trafford, yet is behaving as a model professional for the club. He is always willing to sign the footballs and photographs for charity, he always arrives to training early, he always gives 100% in the practice… yet when it comes to lunchtime, he eats alone.

Several players opt to drive off the Carrington premises at lunch time, maybe popping in to Altrincham for a light bite. Berbatov always eats his dinner at the training ground though, alone.

The staff at Carrington were warned by the Spurs’ press office that Berbatov was going to be a difficult player to deal with, but the employees at Carrington have nothing but the highest praise on offer for the striker, yet his lack of familiarity with his team mates has been noted. It seems as though Berbatov has a very distinct way about him and hasn’t been able to gel with his team mates off the field as well as he has done on it.