Dimitar Berbatov scored two goals in three games against his former club last season, including the goal that knocked Tottenham Hotspur out of the FA Cup.

Ahead of another game against them, Berbatov claims the fans were good to him but there was no way he could turn United down, despite his exorcist uncle telling him not to.

“I enjoyed my time there and the fans were very good to me. But when you hear a club like Manchester United are interested and you have the chance to play in the Champions League, it is impossible to say no,” he said. “I have ambitions and at my age it was the right time to try and achieve those.”

Berbatov’s uncle is an exorcist priest and wasn’t too keen on his nephew joining the ‘Red Devils’.

“He is a priest and exorcist back home in Bulgaria – a powerful man who drives out demons and bad spirits,” he added. “When I moved to United he had a problem with their nickname. As a godly man, he does not like the name Red Devils.He has told me that his church has grown a lot bigger. People are football crazy in Bulgaria and if his church is more full as I now play for Manchester United, then that is great. It doesn’t matter what gets them to church as long as they get there to learn from him.”