Dimitar Berbatov has been criticised by some sections of our support for being ‘lazy’. I’d argue that was an ignorant point of view but each to their own.

He has today claimed that he is aware of the expectations that come with his price tag but that his playing style is different to the likes of Wayne Rooney.

“There is a winning mentality and at United success is expected season after season,” said Berbatov. “I am aware I came with a big price tag and I am ready to prove this season just what I can do. We have a chance to make it four titles in a row and that means making history if we succeed. I would not say my playing style is laid back, it is just a different style. I like time on the ball and I like space. If I can get that, then I know I can free up players like Nani and Wayne Rooney, who do lots of running. I am ready to sweat blood for this club. I want to create and score goals and I know I can be part of a trophy-winning team this season.”