Dimitar Berbatov is keen to finally get a move through to Manchester United, two years after rushing a deal with Tottenham Hotspur rather than wait around for United.

After the Premier League couldn’t find enough to charge United with tapping up from Daniel Levy’s evidence, the press seem pretty certain a deal will go through sometime before the transfer window closes.

With Wayne Rooney lacking in match fitness following weeks without training due to ‘a virus’ and Carlos Tevez’s return to Argentina for a family bereavement, we were forced to see how easy it for United to be in trouble. Had Rooney not been able to play through lack of training, coupled with Louis Saha’s injury, Frazier Campbell would be the only available striker on our books. Clearly, buying a new striker would be preferable.

Berbatov has gone with ‘the Cristiano Ronaldo approach’, talking about what he dreams of. He’s also defended the moody figure he has cut over the past few months, likening himself to Eric Cantona.

“I’m now in Tottenham but no one can disagree with me wanting to follow my dream,” said Berbatov. “I’m not angry about the decision of Juande Ramos to name me as a substitute. I’m not crying. I only show my emotions to my close friends and family. But if I was laughing when I was on the bench, people would say I was an idiot. I noticed that Eric Cantona never smiled but I don’t know if anyone ever asked him why he didn’t look happier.”