The Daily Mail has Dimitar Berbatov as the 40th biggest transfer flop in the history of the Premier League, making him a bigger disaster than Reyes’ £17 million move to Arsenal in 2004, Wright-Phillips’ £21 million move to Chelsea, Pennant to Liverpool, Deco to Chelsea, and even David fucking Bellion!

I’d argue Berbatov isn’t a flop at all, let alone in the top 40 over the past, but then again, this is the paper that named our Bulgarian as one of the biggest traitors of all time for leaving Spurs for United

I think the man is quality and would argue if you don’t get Berbatov, then you don’t get football. But I suppose that is a completely subjective argument. So let me use my favourite word of the season, and looks at the FACTS.

1. Not a single player in the Premiership has assisted more goals than Berbatov.
2. He has a shooting accuracy of 56% attempts on target, which matches Ronaldo, beats Rooney’s 46% and Tevez’s 44%. He also beats Gerrard’s 43%, Torres’ 42%
3. Only Wayne Rooney has created more chances for United than Berbatov, with his 63 goalscoring opportunities provided beating Berb’s 58.
4. He is our joint top scorer in the Champions League, matching Rooney and Ronaldo’s 4 goals.
5. How many players in the Premiership can do this or this?

Premiership flop? Enjoy!